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December 28th 05, 02:30 PM
crossposted from another group:

crossposted from other group:

>Anyway, I work for Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab,
> Utah, and before coming here I did rescue work in Los Angeles for 10
> years. I have a 14-yr-old FIV+ boy at home whom I rescued off the
> streets last year. [He's doing great, by the way! : )] I definitely
> have a soft spot for this misunderstood group!
> Anyway, I'm posting because I know you guys likewise are very
> understanding about FIV+ kitties - something many people are not -
> and was hoping you could help spread the word about a situation we
> have...
> Best Friends went into New Orleans the day after the hurricane
> struck and we still have a number of staff members down there
> attempting to care for animals left homeless by the storm. We set up
> a temporary facility in Tylertown, Mississippi, to house the many
> dogs, cats, rabbits, and others (28 tarantulas!!) rescued out of
> homes and off the streets. Thousands of animals made their way
> through this facility and on to foster homes - or back to their
> owners in some cases!!!
> Among those animals who are still left there, however, are 26 FIV+
> cats. No one has responded to our requests to adopt or foster these
> guys - rescue groups took many, many kitties, but by and large did
> not have room for these guys. Most of them are tame (a few are
> feral), and there are plenty of those "big head boys" who are FIV
> poster children.
> Best Friends is committed to these cats, and our plan is to bring
> them all back here to our sanctuary where we will continue to look
> for loving homes for them.
> But life in a multi-cat sanctuary environment is NOT a home.
> There are some amazing cats in this group - and all of them deserve
> more one-on-one than they will get living here (though we really,
> really TRY to give them all the loving we can!).
> If anyone you know would be interested in opening their hearts and
> homes to an FIV kitty, please pass on this info. Just spreading the
> word is help enough!! These guys lost their homes and their
> families, and have been living in cages for months, shunned because
> they have this "terrible disease."
> Interesting, then, that they not only survived the hurricane and
> going without food, but are downright fat and sassy!!!
> Anyone who would like more info about these guys can contact me
> directly at . Thanks for your time, and thanks
> for continuing to support FIV kitties everywhere!

December 28th 05, 04:38 PM
Hi, Karen,

I do belong to Best Friends and do believe in them, donate and some day may
even go out there to see them. I thought from reading their literature that
the FIV cats had an area of their own where they moved about freely, rather
than in cages. Perhaps with Katrina there are just too many of them.

Of course I don't look busy,
I did it right the first time.