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December 29th 05, 03:34 AM
"Nomen Nescio" ]> wrote
> I've never believed in that supernatural, ghost,
> **** before....but now....I'm not so sure.
> I feel a little silly posting this, but I can't explain
> what happened.

Don't feel silly. I swear my cat Dash, who had gone on to the Bridge
several months before, was with me when I was coming out of anesthesia. I
know I was in a hazy state, but she was laying on me, purring like she would
do when I wasn't feeling well. It was so real.


January 4th 06, 03:36 AM
These are such sweet stories! I lost my little boy, Umberto, 2 months
ago. He was so sweet and loving, I hope I can see him again some day.