View Full Version : Cat fancier need advice from Dog lovers

December 30th 05, 01:11 PM
Last month a tatterdemalion puppy showed up. Poor thing had been
starved and abused. I fed him and he was so grateful although he
cowered anticipating to be hit..

When Katastrophy, my cat, checked the dog out she crawled to within a
few inches of the sitting dog. The dog got excited and peed right in
the cat's face! I had hoped they would make friends but now I question

that for I noticed Katastrophy building an elaborate gallows in the
back yard! I am dog ignorant.....is this peeing natural or should I
have a Vet examine him?

Now the collie mix has become a beautiful dog.

The cat wonders why I would take in a "Lower Life Form".

Cheerio to all,


PS: Always take your cat to a Vet who is also a taxidermist....either
way you get your cat back!;)

December 30th 05, 02:44 PM
If the dog did it just the once it could be put down to over-excitement,
nervousness (especially if it has been abused) or just being an untrained
puppy who has never met a cat before.

Hopefully you're teaching him some manners and he is settleing down.

As for the cat - well he's probably gonna get his own back somehow - some