View Full Version : I hope he just has a cold

January 4th 06, 09:45 PM
So Espy started out by drooling, not eating, and drinking lots of
water. Off to the vet we go. Teeth are fine, bloodwork goes to the
lab. Vet gives subq liquids because Espy is dehydrated and the magic
pink (amoxicllin) elixir 2x a day for 10 days.

Chems show slight liver enzyme elevation. We go with the the "he ate
something bitter or bad" hypothesis and we'll check the liver again
after the elixir is done. After a day or so he starts sneezing. I call
the vet, he says not to worry. Last night he was really sneezing and
wheezing and sounding very congested. I figure that I'll bring him to
the vet again. But this morning, as I'm waiting for the vet to open at
8am, he seems in really good shape and is scoffing down food like he's
never eaten before. So I just call the vet and they say, yep, a cold.
Bring him in if he isn't better by Friday.

So, while it doesn't really explain why his fur is looking a bit ratty
and why he seems thinner, I suppose the whole episode could just be a
cold. He was so out of it last night that he spent almost the whole
night under the covers with me. He never does that for more than a few

I'm still a bit worried but I can't get home tonight until around 9 to
check up on him. I need to set up the webcam again so I can watch them
from work. Makes good wallpaper.