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Charlie Wilkes
January 5th 06, 07:54 AM
On 5 Jan 2006 00:21:07 GMT, "Brandy**Alexandre"
> wrote:

>I dropped Kami off at the vet this morning so she could get a check-up,
>have blood tests, and wait for the carpet at home to be cleaned. When
>I went to pick her up, I waited an incredibly long time and we joked
>about the fight to put her in the carrier.
>Then, one of the techs came out and said, "You know how monkeys at the
>zoo throw their poop at people? She just threw some at Mike." Then
>another tech came out laughing and said Mike was changing his scrubs.
>Then Mike came out and the others were laughing. He said, "Yeah,
>funny." He told me he was going to get Kami and she threw a pawful of
>poop at him and then she rolled in it. He wanted to know if I wanted
>her poopy or if he should give her a bath. I asked for the bath
>because the carpets at home had just been cleaned.

I'd have made that decision with dirty carpets.
>Ten minutes later I was delivered a wet rat that vaguely resembled
>Kami... and it was growling. I said thank you and turned the carrier
>around so the rest could see and said, "This is the face of revenge."
>Poor Kami! She'll just never learn she can't win against a vet tech.

Have you ever tried bathing her yourself? Maybe you could get her to
like it, or at least tolerate it.