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January 6th 06, 12:51 AM
Plain old white vinegar will do the trick. Wet a cloth with it and simply
wipe the fur you don't need to soak her just give her a good wiping down. I
used this all the time with my dogs when they would get smelly in between
baths. The vinegar neutralizes the odors and once it drys you don't even
smell it plus it's not harmful to the cat.


"Poobah" > wrote in message
> Mephisto is recovering from urethroplasty and is wearing a collar for
> another week. I've been brushing him regularly, but I need to give him a
> dry bath to get rid of the smell of urine. I'd like to avoid using
> commercial foam products because of their heavy perfumes, and I don't want
> to get the cat wet because of his still-healing surgery wound.
> Are there household products that I can use to make a sort of kitty dry-
> cleaning product?
> poobah

January 6th 06, 03:20 PM
The vinegar suggestion is really a good idea. I used this in my cat
when he was 45 days old. And it also helped to remove all fleas he had
had then.
He was very sick in the occasion and too small to use a commercial
product to kill the fleas. After the vinegar bath with a piece of
cotton he finally slept relieved, safely and clean.