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Charlie Wilkes
January 7th 06, 12:50 PM
On 7 Jan 2006 00:25:49 GMT, "Brandy**Alexandre"
> wrote:

>The vet called with the results of Kami's bloodwork, and she said the
>BUN and Creatine levels were only slightly elevated and not changed
>since last time. She doesn't need a dental visit, the cloudiness that
>the ER vet said was in one eye isn't there, and the hopes that when
>she's as old she can still nail someone with a paw full of poop, too!
>I guess the Science Diet food isn't hurting since she won't eat the
>kidney prescriptions. For a kitty dx'd with kidney disease in 2001,
>she's beating the odds. We just might make it to the 18th b-day in
>Yikes! She'll be old enough to vote!

If she's a good ****-slinger, she should run for office.

Glad to hear that Kami is healthy.


January 7th 06, 05:15 PM
"Charlie Wilkes" > wrote> If she's a good
****-slinger, she should run for office.

Heh. Ever run for office, Charlie?? :)