View Full Version : 6 kittens - spay/neuter update

Calvin Rice
January 9th 06, 02:02 AM
I think it's important to live up to intentions
to spay/neuter, and accordingly the six kittens
born on August 7 were spayed and neutered this
week, at five months old. The female was spayed
on Tuesday and all five of the males were neutered
on Thursday, because that's the way the vet wanted
to do it; and it was good for the female to have
a two-day head start on recovery.

All are doing well, and thank goodness it is over.
I've had to have it done for five other cats,
besides these six, and I hate it as much now as
the first time, six years ago.

It's been a joy having these six little angelic
demons, or demonic angels, and I've never been
sorry for the part I played in saving them and
their mother from a late-term abortion. But my
life has been taken over by this situation,
which has become not just difficult, but

I could write for hours detailing the awful
difficulties I'm having, but I'll try to just
point out the basic issues from which all of
the now unsolvable problems arise.

It is -not- bad having six more mouths to feed,
and six more cats to carry to the vet many
times into the future. The work and expense
of both of those things were immediately
figured into my decision to take responsibility
for the kittens, and I have no regrets there.

But two other things were not anticipated. One
because it was a complete surprise, and the
other because I recklessly evaded it. The
surprise was finding that my four year old cat
cannot accept the kittens. When he was two years
old he had no trouble accepting a new tiny kitten
and they became close, as I had hoped. But at
some time between age two and four he became
unable to accept new kittens, and that was a
total surprise to me. It has had awful

The thing that I recklessly evaded was thinking
about the increased danger of the traffic to cats
that run around together and chase each other
around. Today one almost got run over, as I
had been dreading, and nearly saw happen. I've
kept them indoors ever since, but trying to
keep them indoors permanently will present huge
impossible problems involving the other cats,
not to mention the difficulty of simply getting
myself in and out.

The act of feeding the kittens is easy, but feeding
the others has become hard. Of the two older cats
that are not freaked out by the kittens, one still
won't eat when they are around her and the other
one defers to any kitten that comes to his plate
and tries to eat out of it. So they have to be
fed separately, outside, and of course the one
that is upset has to be fed outside, and he is
often not there at mealtimes, which means extra
trouble, and on and on. And he deprives himself
of the dry food that all the others have available
around the clock.

Worst of all the upset cat stays out in the cold.
This is middle Georgia but it's still cold.
Before today there has always been a way for him
to come in at night, as the other older ones have
done, though I don't think he has been coming in
much. Now no cat can come in or go out without
my help. As of today the situation has become
impossible, and I'm a mental wreck.

I'm not telling all this looking for help, because
there is no help. Step by step over the past six
years this jam has been approaching. I haven't
even mentioned the adopted cat confined to the
basement, and all the issues involving him, and
the interactions that my older cats, and some of
the kittens, have with him, and why he is confined
in the first place.

If I could go back in time and do it all again, I
would have just gotten one other cat for a companion
to the cat that I inherited from my mother, and
they both would have been indoor-only cats. Then
the other two cats that I deliberately adopted
never would have been known to me, nor the stray
cat that I accepted. And I wouldn't have been in
any frame of mind that would have even thought of
trying to save these six kittens from the abortion
that the mother's owners were going to have done.

I didn't mean to write this much, but ten times as
much wouldn't cover it all. Did I mention the two
o'possums that I finally trapped and carried far
away so they couldn't come in the house anymore?

I'm totally attached to all ten of these cats, whom
I love dearly, more than I've ever loved any humans,
but I can't solve the problems. I can't even escape
by committing suicide, because my death is the very
worst thing that could happen to these dear creatures.