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Harmonica Lover
January 11th 06, 11:52 PM
I recently became aware of Ragdolls. From what I've read they seem
like a very appealing breed. We are considering adding one to our
household but I've got a couple of questions.

Our household currently has 4 cats and 4 dogs. One of our dogs who is
a black lab mix of about 2 years old likes to exercise (chase) 3 of our
cats. One cat who 3 years old is the largest of the bunch at about 14
lbs of pure muscle kind of teased Katie the lab when she first joined
us. Katie really goes after Baxter this large cat. I don't really
think Katie would hurt Baxter but she really does love to chase him. I
kind of think Baxter somewhat enjoys being chased but he can easily go
airborne to some cabinet or post to get out of the way when he wants.
A couple of times I've found Baxter taking respite in the garage that
we have a pet door to.

Another feline Felix is about 10 lbs and 13 years old. I know that
Felix doesn't like to be chased by Katie. Sometimes there will be a
chase situation and I've seen Felix go under a table and turn around
and kind of raise a paw at Katie. Felix will often times sleep on a
love seat and Katie could easily get to him. But Katie is sleeping
next to the loveseat.

Finally Katie will periodically chase Anka who is a rescue that was
returned to the local animal shelter a week after she was adopted. In
that week she had been pretty abused. When she was returned she was
pulling out hair to the point that she her hind end and quarters were
bare. We were asked to foster her. After a couple of months she was
mending slowly and was still very timid we decided to adopt her. After
about a year she is trusting people well. Gets along well with all the
felines and 3 of the dogs. Katie will sometimes chase Anka but it's
not very often and not near as aggressively.

Long winded, I apologize, trying to give what I think is relevant

The reason for posting is that I've read that Ragdolls can be pretty
pacifistic. I was hoping that any guardians of Ragdolls would give me
an opinion as to whether they think a Ragdoll might be do much of a
target for Katie. Katie being a lab mix, means that she has about
another year of this puppy energy.

Thank you,