View Full Version : laser pointers and my cats

Frank Pittel
January 12th 06, 02:12 AM
This past weekend I picked up a laser pointer with the idea of
using it as a toy for my cats. It uses for very small batteries
and is built into a pen. After playing with them for a bit I
noticed that from time to time they would get their heads in the
light beam. What I'm worried about is any possible damage that
might done to their eyes if I happen to get the beam in their

I of course avoid getting the beam on them but don't want to take a
chance in damaging their eyes.


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January 12th 06, 06:33 AM
Frank a swift pass of it across their eyes are not going to hurt their eyes
just like us a quick bright light might momentary blind us but not
permantely. Now if you continue to sweep in their eyes for more than quick
sec than you can run into dangers