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January 18th 06, 04:42 AM
Margarita Salt wrote:
> Please spare me the usual flames. At least try to feel something for
> the cat if not the cat-mom.
> A week ago, cat came down with am imfection that cannot be identified
> at bladder, tract, or kidney because no one can get urine from her.
> She was put on Baytril after a shot of Benzapen. Since Friday, she
> refused to eat. She would go toward the food, but opt for a drink of
> water instead. A lot of water, in fact.
> Come Monday, I called the vet and told her that I have not given up on
> Kami, but but may be giving up herself. Dr. Tina said to give Kami
> WHATEVER she wanted to eat. It was more important that she right now
> than WHAT she ate.
> So last night, I offered tuna, which she gobbled a good tablespoon of,
> but then she wouldn't touch it again. After that, I gave her the
> favorite baby food, which she ate. Still refusing tuna, and out of
> baby food, I bought her the favorite hamburger. She ate a few bits,
> still refused tuna, and THEN refused the baby food. I pretend that any
> one of the choices was MY food, which usually gets her interested, but
> she kept refusing. She also keeps going toward the food, choosing
> water instead.
> Is she trying for kitty suicide? I have given her fluids twice in the
> week, but that hasn't helped. The doc took her off Baytril yesterday
> She last had one the morning before) and I thought she'd come around,
> but no. She looks at me with sad eyes that are either saying "fix
> this, " or "help me go." I can't tell which.
> She's still alert, bright, cuddly, and everything, but she's not eating
> and not interested. Ideas? Or is she saying it's time?
> --
> Margarita Salt

Margarita, it is not unusual for a cat to refuse food during any
illness. But I'm sure your vet told you about the probability of the
onset of hepatic lipidosis which is *caused * by not eating. Cats often
become more ill from the HL than from the original infection or
illness. In fact, it becomes quite secondary and the biggest danger to
the cat's life is refusal of food.
You have to get her to eat. I think she needs to go back to the vet
and get her liver enzymes checked. You can get a syringe (no needle)
and force-feed her baby food (no onions) or any kind of food squishy
enough to syringe into her mouth. Let your vet explain this further to
you; sometimes the cat requires a feeding tube.
I am *not* the most knowledgeable person re: medical issues here; I
hope some of the others chime in on this. But even I think it is *very*
peculiar that she is being treated for urinary tract problems when no
urine sample was taken. I think a second opinion might be prudent.
Good luck with your kitty. To answer your question, NO, I don't think
she's saying "it's time." I just think she needs better medical
treatment and she needs to eat. Please keep us updated.