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January 18th 06, 04:42 AM
Did they take blood tests? Can they find anything wrong at all?

IMO, they should be treating her very aggressively right now, maybe even
have her hospitalized.

If cats feel sick after eating, they tend to blame the food. I went
through some nasty food aversions with our diabetic cat. You may have to
keep switching foods, flavors, etc. right now.

Is she peeing at all? If she is blocked, that is an emergency and could
require surgery right away.

I think I'd get a second opinion if your vet cannot pinpoint it.
Actually, maybe get a referral from your vet to an internist vet. They
are fairly expensive, but have more resources and saved our cat's life.

Good luck with Kami, I hate it when you can't find out what's bothering
them. Don't give up.


Margarita Salt wrote:

> Please spare me the usual flames. At least try to feel something for
> the cat if not the cat-mom.
> A week ago, cat came down with am imfection that cannot be identified
> at bladder, tract, or kidney because no one can get urine from her.
> She was put on Baytril after a shot of Benzapen. Since Friday, she
> refused to eat. She would go toward the food, but opt for a drink of
> water instead. A lot of water, in fact.
> Come Monday, I called the vet and told her that I have not given up on
> Kami, but but may be giving up herself. Dr. Tina said to give Kami
> WHATEVER she wanted to eat. It was more important that she right now
> than WHAT she ate.
> So last night, I offered tuna, which she gobbled a good tablespoon of,
> but then she wouldn't touch it again. After that, I gave her the
> favorite baby food, which she ate. Still refusing tuna, and out of
> baby food, I bought her the favorite hamburger. She ate a few bits,
> still refused tuna, and THEN refused the baby food. I pretend that any
> one of the choices was MY food, which usually gets her interested, but
> she kept refusing. She also keeps going toward the food, choosing
> water instead.
> Is she trying for kitty suicide? I have given her fluids twice in the
> week, but that hasn't helped. The doc took her off Baytril yesterday
> She last had one the morning before) and I thought she'd come around,
> but no. She looks at me with sad eyes that are either saying "fix
> this, " or "help me go." I can't tell which.
> She's still alert, bright, cuddly, and everything, but she's not eating
> and not interested. Ideas? Or is she saying it's time?

Fuga :o\)
January 19th 06, 04:46 AM
I would ask the vet to give you an apetite stimulant and I would also
consider giving her some pepcid ac (you can ask your vet for the proper
dosage). I know how stressful this is as I have a CRF cat at home.