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Phil P.
January 18th 06, 09:16 AM
"Margarita Salt" > wrote in message
> Please spare me the usual flames. At least try to feel something for
> the cat if not the cat-mom.

Even though I can't stand you, I never let personal feelings interfere with
helping a cat if I can.

> A week ago, cat came down with am imfection that cannot be identified
> at bladder, tract, or kidney because no one can get urine from her.
> She was put on Baytril after a shot of Benzapen. Since Friday, she
> refused to eat. She would go toward the food, but opt for a drink of
> water instead. A lot of water, in fact.
> Come Monday, I called the vet and told her that I have not given up on
> Kami, but but may be giving up herself. Dr. Tina said to give Kami
> WHATEVER she wanted to eat. It was more important that she right now
> than WHAT she ate.
> So last night, I offered tuna, which she gobbled a good tablespoon of,
> but then she wouldn't touch it again. After that, I gave her the
> favorite baby food, which she ate. Still refusing tuna, and out of
> baby food, I bought her the favorite hamburger. She ate a few bits,
> still refused tuna, and THEN refused the baby food. I pretend that any
> one of the choices was MY food, which usually gets her interested, but
> she kept refusing. She also keeps going toward the food, choosing
> water instead.
> Is she trying for kitty suicide? I have given her fluids twice in the
> week, but that hasn't helped. The doc took her off Baytril yesterday
> She last had one the morning before) and I thought she'd come around,
> but no. She looks at me with sad eyes that are either saying "fix
> this, " or "help me go." I can't tell which.
> She's still alert, bright, cuddly, and everything, but she's not eating
> and not interested. Ideas? Or is she saying it's time?

No, she's not telling you its time. She old enough where she may be losing
some her senses- the sense of smell is usually the first to to go. Try
heating up her food- heated food is more aromatic. You can also trying
laying out a smorgasbord of 5 or 10 different foods- try the Fancy Feast
marinated line they're low in phos.

Have her blood tested again. A high BUN will make her feel queasy and not
want to eat- its fairly common in cats with CRF. That would also explain
her increased drinking.

Also, speak to your vet about cyproheptadine (Periactin)- its a human
antihistamine but it suppresses satiety in cats and makes them feel hungry-
sorta like an appetite stimulant.