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January 19th 06, 05:17 PM
Sasha came home Monday afternoon with a BUN of 78. He said it was not
a low as he would like but hopes being home will make a difference in
her since he saw how she perks up when I visited. Dr. gave a lesson on
giving her subQ's and she gets 100ml twice a day. She was so HAPPY to
be home and back to her room and her bed. I expected her to hide under
my bed for a while but she paraded around the room like she was a
queen. It was so funny. I bought a case of the canned k/d food
thinking she would like that better than the dry (plus it has more
water) but she will barely touch it. I even mixed it with some senior
science diet but no luck. So I leave dry out for her and I came home
from work last night and she ate all that was in her bowl. She is
generally eating a lot less but Dr. said she may never get her old
appetite back so as long as she is eating something is good. I have to
keep my bedroom door closed now because I am leaving her food out for
her at all times and the other cats don't get that luxary and they
will eat it on her. The others know something is going on in there so
they are basically camped out in front of the door. She goes in
tomorrow morning for a BUN check and I will buy her some dry k/d food.
i really hate having to stick her with the needle. She has been
pricked twice a day for over a week now and I just think her back has
to be so sore. But I will do whatever it takes to keep her home for as
long as possible. Thanks to all who prayed for Sasha. It bought me
some more time.

January 19th 06, 07:39 PM
Glad to hear Sasha is home. Bet she will start to perk up now. Let us
know how her test is tomorrow!

January 20th 06, 05:07 PM
That's such good news. Sounds like Sasha is happy.

Of course I don't look busy,
I did it right the first time.