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Mike S.
January 21st 06, 05:06 AM
I have an almost 2 y/o cat that has severe gingivitis. She's had it
since she was 2 months old which is when I found her and her siblings.
The cat is chronically infected with viral herpes virus as well as
calicivirus. The vet thinks the calicivirus is what caused the

The cat desperately needs a professional dental cleaning and possibly a
tooth extraction. However, the vet is very worried that her URI will
most likely cause severe problems with the anesthesia (the cat could
die) and will not do the dental cleaning at this time. I certainly
understand this and I agree with the decision.

The vet is in the process of contacting a few other vets that have more
experience in these areas. They're trying to figure out the best course
of treatment for the cat since she has numerous problems (chronic URI,
nasal congestion, weakened immune system, gingivitis, tooth/mouth
pain). They're supposed to contact me in a few days to go over the

In the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem
and if so, what was done about it? There's no way I can brush this
cat's teeth myself. I think the vets are going to prescribe some
antibiotics but that's about all I know. Does anyone know what would be
best for this cat?

I trust my vet, but unfortunately, these vets around here don't have a
lot of experience in certain areas. So I know that the vet is giving my
cat the best care/treatment for the area I live in, but I know that
there's a lot more that can be done if I lived in a bigger city/county.
There are vets in states like California and NY that are doing things
that the vets around here have never heard of or thought possible. And
no, there isn't a veterinary college anywhere around here that I could
a second opinion at.

I'm just not sure what to do. Luckily, the cat seems to be doing ok and
is still playful and eating well. I just want to make sure she gets
good, proper care.

John Doe
January 21st 06, 08:15 AM
"Mike S." > wrote:

> There's no way I can brush this cat's teeth myself.

It goes against just about everything a cat stands for.

I could be wrong and will gladly accept correction, but if I'm not
mistaken a cat can live without its teeth on wet food. That is if it
didn't die from the anesthesia.

Good luck.