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January 22nd 06, 04:20 AM
Margarita Salt wrote:
> In the new Expedia commercial, the theme is "time to enjot travel
> again," and one of the things they suggest you will enjoy is "leaving
> the cats to fend for themselves." I think that's horrible! I swore
> off Expedia when they screwed up my trip to DC in 2002, but if I ever
> thought of using them again, I wouldn't.
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> Margarita Salt
> "...practically no one in the world is entirely bad or
> entirely good... motives are often more important than
> actions." -- Eleanore Roosevelt

Yeah, I saw that too - totally ****ed me off. I quit using Expedia a
long time ago, but not a bad idea to complain to their CS dept. about
the ad. It worked for the cat-in-dyer commerical.