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January 22nd 06, 04:33 AM
Margarita Salt wrote:
> Kami just got a gold star from the vet. She said that hre bladder felt
> normal (but they couldn't test urine because she expeled on me when I
> tried to get her out of the carrier). She said that the blood levels
> were so good when she was tested two weeks ago, she didn't think it was
> worth upsetting her to test again. Her heart murmur is down to a 1,
> she didn't lose any weight as I thought, and she seemed well hydrated.
> She said she had seen a number of cats with the same symptoms and could
> not culture anything from urine even if it was bloody and the cats were
> in pain. As such, she gave me cystine for whenever this happens again.
> Then I might be able to put off the ER and take her to the vet during
> office hours.
> She's cleared for a few more days of anything she wants to eat, but
> then back to her diet.
> --
> Margarita Salt

Great - glad to hear she is feeling better! I hope she makes it to 18
now after all the worry you went though...