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January 22nd 06, 08:42 AM
Magic Mood JeepŠ wrote:
> (sorry about the cross posting, but they are all relevant groups)
> I thought you might be interested in this HSUS campaign to increase
> protections for dogs and cats at mass breeding facilities.
> You may have heard about puppy mills -- large scale breeding operations that
> churn out animals with little regard for humane treatment. What you may not
> know is that many of these operations are classified as "pet stores,"
> because they sell directly to the public through the Internet or newspaper
> ads, and therefore are exempt from the minimum standards of care requiredby
> the Animal Welfare Act.
> Members of Congress have introduced PAWS, the Pet Animal Welfare Statute,to
> require these operations to be licensed by the USDA and to follow the Animal
> Welfare Act. I hope you will join me in urging your members of Congress to
> support PAWS. It only takes a minute. Here is the link:
> https://community.hsus.org/campaign/FED_2006_PAWS?rk=D1z-mx71aXUxW

Just FYI - this Bill isn't likely to pass without a LOT of input from
the public. It has resistance from the commerical breeding facilities
which breed dogs, cats and other animals for research. Their lobby is
huge and part of the reason the Animal Welfare Act as it stands has the
exeption in place, now. So it is *really* important to call your
representataives and ask that they co sponsor the statute.