View Full Version : Kitty Wipes

January 28th 06, 05:00 PM
I went on a Walmart Adventure yesterday (the kind you go on when you are
with an elderly friend who moves at about one-tenth your speed on a fast
day? Where you learn much more about Walmart than you ever dreamed of
knowing?) and saw those kitty wipes they say are good to use on cats in
houses where people are allergic. (I do not bathe my cats anymore, it upsets
them too much.)

Three dollars for seven wipes. I used them last night and Gracie still has
not forgiven me. They smell like ... gag ... baby powder. I realize this
smell has nice memories for mommies, but I hate it. And if it is cloying and
sickening to me, it has to really suck for Gracie whose nose is so much more
sensitive. It did make her coat fluffier, but, man, they need to make them
in unscented. She is allergic to fragrances too. I called to her this
morning and scooted over and made room for her to come get her morning love,
and she lifted her little head up and looked at me like, "after that stinky
crap you pulled last night? I don't *think* so" and curled up on the
overstuffed chair and went back to sleep.