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January 31st 06, 05:35 PM
My cat received injectible Baytril 1-23-06, 24, 25 for a temperature 104.4.
He is a Himalayn apprx. 16 and hadn't eaten or drank water for two days.
So took him to animal hospital with internal medicine specialists. I
brought him home wed. 25th and now he is blind. I researched what he was
given and now have read the warnings about Baytril . It should only be
given to cats in pill form 5mg max. Bayer's warning is Baytrill
injectible to be given to dogs only.. this animal hospital has blinded my
cat. the first night he started salivating, vomiting and panting while in
the hospital and they still ignored the reaction, telling me it wasn't any
meds he was being given. This is a respected referral hospital and I paid
$1800 for this care? I am devastated. this is a warning for other cat
owners and also wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this
negligence and what have you done?

February 7th 06, 07:47 PM
I don't have any experience of this myself, but this really sounds

First of all getting the dose and administration method wrong, then
failing to pick up on his subsequent symptoms - that sounds like two
big areas of negligence to me.

Of course we have to remember that there are no certainties with
medicine and animal care, etc, etc, so what have the hospital had to
say for themselves? Have they admitted they were in the wrong, and
given you an apology? (I hope so!).

If this happened to me in the UK, I'd be taking it up with a solicitor.

I hope your poor cat is as okay as possible under the circumstances.

Anna via CatKB.com
February 8th 06, 01:36 AM
That is horrible! How is he doing now? Have you contacted anybody regarding

You should also definitely stop payment if it was by check or cancel it if by
credit card. Or did they make you sign anything first?


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