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Mathew Kagis
February 3rd 06, 05:24 PM
"Turn & face the change" - David Bowie. So, here I am, back living the
skihill lifestyle. My dw (can I call her that? we're not married or
anything) & I bought a house about 10 min below Sun Peaks Resort in BC.
Dw is still in Nelson, but her transfer came through & she's moving here @
the end of this month. Next week I road trip to Nelson to grab a vanload of
stuff & her 2 yr old cat, Sage. Sage is a grey, very long haired (som
Himalayan DNA?) cat who does'nt know she's a cat... Long story there. My
Dw, who is a social worker, rescued her from a client who was slowly
starving Sage to death.
So, Chablis & Muscat are gonna have a new freind. (sigh)... I've been
warming them up to the idea by saying things like "Soon, Sage will be
here.... Won't that be fun?"... Riiiiight...:-(.
The hoolikittens love the home we bought for them, very rural, flat 1/4
acre of land with a creek behind it. The previous owner had 2 cats who were
90% indoor & not really hunters.... When we arrived the mice & shrews
figured they had the run of the yard & firewood pile... No more! My
adorable little predators have embarked on a vigorus population controll
program, even my neighbors have commented on how nice it is to not see mice
staring them down when they go out to their carport.... I told them a bill
would be forthcoming... :-)
Currently I have a couple of young renters, who will be back to Ontario
when ski season is over. Ok kids, they have'nt learned how to clean up
after themselves, though. Been many ups & downs in the last few months, the
details of which, I won't bore you with. But, my job is good (not exactly
what I want to be doing, however, it's fun & the money is good), I'm back
being a Voulunteer Ski Patrol member & I'm writing a wine column for the
local paper. Hope everyones winter is treating them well.

Now, if I can just get Chablis & Muscat to accept Sage.....

Butler to 2 kittens: Chablis & Muscat
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