View Full Version : Re: Would you Marry your Cat?

Mr Tibbs
February 3rd 06, 09:42 PM
Margarita Salt wrote:

> On the main subject, I said I'd only date her and have a good time. She's too
> much of a control freak to get married. ;)

women are cats
men are dogs

marriage? heck no, what is this before or after they hack up a hairball

Mr Tibbs
February 4th 06, 02:38 AM
Margarita Salt wrote:

> Yeah, some of the women said about their dogs that they :
> Are happy to see you... always
> Are always in a good mood
> Will eaten your cooking no matter what
> Will do whatever you want to do
> Are happy to just snuggle on the sofa
> Will fetch things for you without whining

they're just not educated enough to know better
ignorance is bliss?

us guys are onto you women
we know what you really want

heh, someone to fetch without wining!

whatchew mean like a sac of white castle burgers at 2 in the morning!