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February 8th 06, 11:12 PM
On Wed, 08 Feb 2006 17:49:28 +0000, Margarita Salt wrote:

> Don't you just want to take every rescue cat home with you??? :) I
> was just at PetsMart and went to visit the kitties. I was just walking
> past them to see who was awake when a sweet tuxedo girl opened her eyes
> and stumbled over herself to get out of her hidey and press up against
> the window. She was so exciting she was alternately dancing on her
> toes, kneading with with all fours, shivering her tail, head-butting
> the window, scratching on the window, just everything a cat really
> wanting some snuggling would do. I felt bad when I had to leave. I
> watched her though when someone else was looking at them and she didn't
> do anything, so I went back and she went insane again. I just wanted
> to love her all up!

So, did you take her home? MLB