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Go Red Sox
February 13th 06, 02:54 AM
Thank you all for you input.

Yes, he has gone to the bathroom every day I have had him. He has done
both #1 and #2 each time I have checked, each day.

I did forget to mention that I have been giving him Pounce Cat treats.
I have only given him a couple, but he ate every one I have offered him.
I don't want him to only eat those since they are meant to be treats,
not a meal. I have given them to him after he went to the bathroom,
like a reward. What ever the case, he does eat them.

Thank you, again.

February 13th 06, 03:32 AM
"Go Red Sox" > wrote in message

By the way thank you for adopting an older cat to many people pass them by.
Let the group know how the furball is doing. If you have any questions that
the vets can't answer someone out here will gladly help you out