View Full Version : 15+yo Blind Siamese Male needs help in SE Michigan

Phil P.
February 14th 06, 03:53 PM
From: "Roxanne Tonn"

**permission to crosspost granted**

15+yo Siamese Male needs your help, SE Michigan

On Sat (2/11) the Humane Society of Huron Valley (www.hshv.org) had a rather
busy day with processing several dogs from a cruelty case. Because of the
traffic jam trying to get into HSHV someone apparently didn't want to wait
and they dropped off a 15-17 year old Siamese male (who is almost blind,
sees shadows only) on the side of the road in the snow.

A volunteer dog walker found him and brought him in. He is in great shape
(except for the blindness), cautious but loving and trusting. After only a
few minutes, I was allowed to give him a belly rub. He is using his litter

HSHV does not put animals of this age up for adoption. He's being held the 3
days in the hopes that an owner claims him or a rescue pulls him otherwise
he will be put down.

Please help me find a rescue or foster who will allow him to live out the
remainder of his life in comfort and peace. I've been doing transports and
home visits for a year, though I'm not affiliated with any rescue, many of
you have said "if I can do anything for you, let me know". This is it, your
assistance would be greatly appreciated.

To pass along possible rescue/foster information, please contact me at:
734-645-4623or via email at and I will coordinate to ensure
that HSHV doesn't get bombarded.

**permission to crosspost granted**