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February 15th 06, 08:00 AM
Margarita Salt wrote:
> Cleaning Kami's litter box this morning a recent clump looked like it
> had some blood in it. (She doesn't bury.) She's not symptomatic, but
> I'm wondering if I'll have a screaming kitty when I get home. I feel
> so bad because I had to leave for work. Now that I'm at work it
> occurred to me that I should have dosed her with fluids before I left.
> How many times can we keep doing this?
> --
> Margarita Salt
My late CRF kitty, Cory, had numerous UTIs over his last couple of
years (CRF kitties are prone to UTIs). Finally, the vet allowed me to
keep him on low dose antibiotics. There is some literature to support
this way of thinking. I don't think the vet was too thrilled but I
pushed for it. He seemed much better then. I never actually saw blood
in his urine but if he was tested, it always showed up and if it was
cultured, he always had a bacterial infection. He would start acting
sick when it flared up...not straining or typical UTI stuff, just sick
and not eating much, etc. Maybe Kami should be on low dose
antibiotics? You could ask your vet about it.


February 16th 06, 03:39 AM
Margarita Salt wrote:

> She's mad at me right now because I just gave her Pepcid this morning
> after snubbing breakfast and not eating much of her dinner last night.
> Pilling her is SO hard I wonder how successful antibiotics would be.
Yeah, it's a drag when they get mad about the pilling. right now, all
3 of mine are being pilled for something so it's quite fun at night
going thru the ritual of getting them all and then having them glare at
me. Mine aren't really hard once I actually catch them. I don't know,
that's a problem when they are very difficult about it. You could get
liquid but I personally find liquids harder because they can sort of
let them run out of their mouths.