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February 15th 06, 02:38 PM
We got our cat, Jonesey, about 4 months ago. We adopted him from a
no-kill shelter. He's about 3 years old and is the sweetest cat in the
world. However, he does have one bad trait that he's had from the
beginning. He won't stop begging for food! He's like Joey Tribianni on
"Friends!" Anytime we sit down to eat, he practically climbs on us to get
our food and anytime I open the fridge he's practically crawling on the
second shelf within a matter of seconds. Nothing seems to work for this
problem, so we end up usually just locking him in a bedroom when we sit down
to eat. Squirting water at the cat doesn't work because he's not afraid of
water at all.
The last couple of months we have also had a problem with him throwing up
his food a lot. It will go in spurts. He hasn't done it in about 2 weeks,
but for about a week straight last month we were cleaning up about 10 puke
piles a day. I can tell it's his food that he's throwing up. We've done
what the doctor suggested and tried switching food brands....we've changed
food about 4 different times, but he'll throw up each one. But like I said,
it's not a constant thing......just constant when he starts having one of
his puking spells.
And lastly, he's been getting really bad with biting my wife and I. We'll
be petting him just fine and he seems to be enjoying it, and then all of a
sudden he'll try to grab your arm and bite you! What's going on here? I
don't know if he's getting extremely bored being cooped up in an apartment
in the middle of winter, or what. We try to play with him as much as
possible, but he even seems to be getting bored with some of the toys he
has. Thanks for any input.


Phillip S.
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February 15th 06, 04:22 PM
There are a couple of things going on here.

First, your cat is feeling a scarcity of food. Feed your cat lots of
little meals several times a day, and don't leave grazing foods around
for it. Put only 1/4 cup of dry down at a time, and feed soft foods by
the 1/2 teaspoon. Give it about an hour between feedings of soft

Second, cats are easily bored with toys. Change them out periodically.
Let some of the "lost toys" under the fridge or bed stay there for a
while or put them up when you find them. Have several types of toys,
but only put out new ones every week or so. I keep a can of used toys
put up and when they seem to be needing something new, I pull one out
of the can that they haven't seen for a while. You can get an activity
center, too. A scratching post/perch/play center from Green Duck is
your best bet. These are found on the internet from several suppliers.

The biting is a way to get your attention. If the bites are soft, they
are kisses. If hard, then your cat is serious and needs your
attention. Get a wand toy or make one with a mouse at the end, not
feathers. Use it like a fishing pole and make your cat run to catch
it. This may help.

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