View Full Version : Meep's OK - for now

February 16th 06, 04:34 PM
Last week, Meep was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Also, because she's
had abnormal blood tests before, and tends to have cystitis, and she's
going to spend two months in cattery/quarantine as we move overseas, I
took her in today for a full bloodwork, urine test, and ultrasound.

My wallet is a good bit lighter, but her bloodwork and urine were good,
and though she is showing signs of a hypertrophic heart (did I get that
right?) it's been caught very early, so early she doesn't even need meds
- just suggested I get her checked again in a year's time. She didn't
even have the murmur today!

I'm so relieved. I was having to consider what we'd do if Meep's issues
were serious enough to make the stress of travel something dangerous,
rather than just stressful. It'd kill us to have to give her up!

::heartfelt sigh of relief::