View Full Version : Cats are at risk from Bird flu

February 19th 06, 08:58 PM
Did you know that Bird flu affects cats as well as birds? Even many tigers
have already died in far East from bird flu infection.

Cats are at particular risk of course, because they catch birds.

More about Bird flu: www.pighealth.com/influenza2.htm

As the news breaks this weekend that the world epidemic of Bird flu has now
spread across Europe via migrating swans, it is, synchronistically, today,
the 5th Anniversary of the start of the world's worst foot-and-mouth disease
(FMD) epidemic in which between 5 and 8 million animals (mostly healthy and
uninfected) were slaughtered. These included children's pet lambs, calves,
goats and even zoo animals.

Have we learned the lessons of the FMD epidemic, as we face this new crisis?

Tomorrow, a dramatic new novel, "Following Orders", based on the real events
and experiences of a vet in the front line of the FMD epidemic is published.
It is an alarming insight into how desperate politicians, frightened farmers
and compliant professionals can slide down a slippery slope into ethical and
economic catastrophe. Details of "Following Orders" can be found here:

The FMD epidemic was eventually brought under control, but not until around
6 million healthy farm animals had been killed.

If you would like to say a prayer for the millions of animals that suffered
(due to movement restrictions) as well and the millions that died in Europe
5 years ago, plus the millions of poultry whose lives hang in the balance
now, here is Albert Schweitzer's "Prayer for the Animals"...