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February 25th 06, 06:35 AM
On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 16:44:06 -0500, Andrew West wrote:

> hi to everyone.my cat pepper is 4 years old.i always left fresh spring
> water out every day for him since i had him when he was a year old.i
> noticed he may drink some once a day .i saw n tv that cats don't drink
> much including tigers.i wanted to increase humidity in my bedroom for
> the winter and put a large bowl in my room full of tap water.now pepper
> will drink from it alot and maybe 6 times a day.he never drinks that
> much spring water. my question for people is... is the tap water
> dangerous or unhealthy for him? i know it is full of
> chlorine,fluoride,etc.i want him to be healthy.what should i do about
> it?thanks for any help or opinions.
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