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February 25th 06, 10:41 PM
"D." > wrote in message
> Check out the photo of the two dogs pulling the crackly cat (lower
> right-hand corner).
> <http://www.fatcatinc.com/html_site/portraitgallery.html#>

Haha! That's named "Big Mean Scary Cat" or some such thing. There is also a
vet for dogs, it is much bigger than the vet for cats and it is female. I
got my sister the skunk for her dog last year. He loves it. Also--that dog
in the pic looks like a boxer, of all dogs, I like their look the best. But
I can't have dogs, for a number of reasons, among them: dog smell and dog
slobber. And I'll be damned if I am going to get up and go outside every
time anything has to go the the bathroom! Or even get up and open the door,
for that matter. Cats are better for lazy people!!

February 26th 06, 12:52 AM
"D." > wrote :
> Doesn't look so mean or scary in the jaws of the pups. :)

Heh, no, he doesn't! There is also a mailman and a cat burglar. :)