View Full Version : Why I Will Let My Cats Hunt--for now

February 26th 06, 10:00 PM
Yesterday both cats were opening the bottom kitchen cabinets and actually
diving in. The sure sign you have a mouse, at least in my experience. We
usually shut them out of the kitchen at night because our Boo, since she has
slimmed down, likes to get up on the kitchen table and bat things--like one
of my grandmother's beautiful bone china cups a while back--off of the
table. Last night I let the Great Hunters roam free, after making sure there
was nothing that could hurt them in the lower cabinets.

When I got out of bed, there was Boo, yelling at me for food as usual,
standing next to the mouse she and Gracie had dispatched, staring at me like
"What am I supposed to EAT?" There wasn't a mark on the mouse, so now I know
that even when she thinks she is starving, she will not actually EAT a mouse
that might have been out in the yard into things that might hurt her.

Yes, I did feel sorry for the little mouse, they really are cute. But at the
same time, I'm really glad I don't have to fuss with bloody traps or poison.

February 26th 06, 10:48 PM
sounds like you have a good relationship with your cats. why are cats
so curious and always plundering into things