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February 27th 06, 02:23 AM
I have had my cat declawed when he was 6 months old, along with having
him 'fixed'. My mother with her cat as well. I have never had any
behavioral problems with my cat due to these procedures. I don't think
declawing is any more inhumane than the amputating of dog tails and
clipping of ears on bulldogs. What is the point of that? We
domesticated cats for our pets. By confining a cat to your home for
your personal enjoyment, sets the stage for adaptation. Humans by
nature feel compelled to control asepcts of their life that they are
able. By declawing cats, it controls the damage that can be done to
your furniture etc.The mere arrogance humans own to confine animals in
our home as pets defies logic itself. So it is difficult to say
declawing is inhumne when the practice of pets is the inhumane part.
I'm not trying to be a hypocrit for saying this because I have a cat,
but I also understand the need for adaptation so that we can co-exist.
My cat is 6 years old and I can't imagine life without him. I can tell
that he feels the same about me, so I don't think that declawing him
has changed his feelings or attitude towards me or life in my home.