View Full Version : Re: Oops! Had to stick Kami twice

March 1st 06, 02:32 PM
Margarita Salt wrote:
> She laying on the guilt now, boy.

yes, they shure have our number

how often do you have to stick her
you sound comfortable sticking her, im wondering how often you have had
to do this

Kami probably thinks her meds should come in a patch

March 2nd 06, 12:38 AM
Margarita Salt wrote:
> I'm doing it twice a week. She does NOT like it. She has yet to
> relate it to treats or feeling better. Too smart for that.
> But she was so "normal" this morning. Curled on the bed, half upside
> down. Bright-eyed and fluffy-tailed. Content would be the word.
> Except she dislikes listening to Katie Couric as much as I do. ;)

heh heh

have you thought about a blow dart?

just catch her passing through and Thwootpt!

she'd probably get a run and go and tear into your neck