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March 2nd 06, 03:05 AM
"D." > wrote in message
> <http://www.slywy.com/vettoy.jpg>
> I took this retired toy out off its pristine backing (it appears to be
> from 1991, so I kind of regret not preserving it, and it looks like the
> seller may not have any more). Hodge promptly licked its butt
> repeatedly, then rolled over on his back and scrabbled at it with his
> (clawed) back feet like he does with most of his bigger toys.

Yay, he passed the ultimate test!

> Vet the Victim will be going with us to our next appt., hopefully this
> Saturday. :)

Your vet will love him, I feel sure.

(By the way, you can find the retired toys quite often on eBay. I understand
some people have begun collecting them!)