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Ryan Robbins
March 3rd 06, 06:44 AM
"D." > wrote in message
> <http://www.slywy.com/vettoy.jpg>
> I took this retired toy out off its pristine backing (it appears to be
> from 1991, so I kind of regret not preserving it, and it looks like the
> seller may not have any more). Hodge promptly licked its butt
> repeatedly, then rolled over on his back and scrabbled at it with his
> (clawed) back feet like he does with most of his bigger toys.
> Vet the Victim will be going with us to our next appt., hopefully this
> Saturday. :)

I bought this toy for my parents' male cat a few years ago and it remains
his favorite. In fact, the vet looks like one who worked at the veterinary
hospital my parents take their pets to, so we actually call the toy "Dr.