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Elizabeth Blake
March 3rd 06, 05:44 PM
"Margarita Salt" > wrote in message
> If you lost your cat, would you want to know if it died or believe it
> was probably adopted and living in a good home?

I think I would want to know. I wouldn't be okay just thinking that maybe
the cat was taken in. I'd worry non-stop. When my cat Tiger was still a
working cat, she managed to slip out late one night when my boss was getting
ready to go home. I got in the next morning and Tiger was not inside the
door to greet me. People in the neighborhood would sometimes claim they saw
her by the river (this was the Tribeca area of NYC, one block from the
Hudson River and a very busy street) or around the corner. For 3 weeks I
was sick every day. 3 weeks to the day that she disappeared, we heard a
meowing noise coming from the airshaft between our building and the one next
door. Going up to the roof and looking down, we saw a cat. It was Tiger.
My boss climbed down a very unstable, rusted firescape with missing steps to
get her.

If she *had* been hit by a car and someone saw it, I would have preferred
that they told me. Knowing what happened wouldn't be easy, but it would be
better than not knowing. Those were three of the most miserable weeks of my
life. I think that the old lady should have been told about her cat. She
probably would have been very sad but relieved at the same time, and would
have appreciated that her cat was given a burial instead of getting tossed
out in the trash.