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March 3rd 06, 06:55 PM
On Fri, 03 Mar 2006 16:26:42 +0000, Margarita Salt wrote:

> If you lost your cat, would you want to know if it died or believe it
> was probably adopted and living in a good home?
> One of our colleagues asked me this question because he's torn about
> what to do about a dead cat.
> A month or so ago, a little old lady was driving around looking for her
> cat. She asked our friend if she had seen it and described it. She
> also said it needed medication. He hadn't seen it, but took her number
> and said he'd call if he did. A week later, be found a dead cat on his
> property that matched the desciption of the missing cat. He had lost
> the phone number, and so buried it.
> A couple of days ago, he saw the lady again looking for the cat and he
> was torn as to whether to tell her he found a cat, or let her think it
> was taken in someplace. He opted for the latter. He asked if she was
> still looking and she said yes, but he's probably dead by now. He said
> that it could just as easily be living the life with someone else. She
> seemed happy with that. He also has somee kittens and offered her one
> of them and she's going to think about it.
> Should he have said, "I found a dead cat and buried it," or is keeping
> an old lady's hopes up that the cat is well and happy the right thing
> to do?
> Discuss.

IMHO You should have been truthful. Living with "hope" can also be hard
to handle. MLB