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March 4th 06, 12:25 AM
"Margarita Salt" > wrote in message
> If you lost your cat, would you want to know if it died or believe it
> was probably adopted and living in a good home?
> One of our colleagues asked me this question because he's torn about
> what to do about a dead cat.
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> Margarita Salt

I would want to know. Otherwise, I would spend much of my free time
wandering all over the area trying to find my cat. Even if I had given up,
I would always worry about what might have happened and would probably
imagine the worst. So, as for me, I would want to know.


March 4th 06, 12:49 AM
Ike disappeared about six years ago. I let him out one morning and I
never saw him again. The area around my house is dense woods so there
was no way I could look for him. Because of known predators in the
area, I had to assume he fell victim to one of them. I will never know.

>>In the White Mountains of New Hampshire
>> (44 15' N - Elevation 1580')