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Aunt Jemimah
March 4th 06, 05:56 PM

Say...when you gonna post some pictures of you kitty?
all this hype, but I've never seen her...
what does she look like? I wouldn't mind seeing...

ha! for some reason your posts just seem to resonate with me
remember the one...you had changed your nym to MS
I really liked how it just flowed, know what I mean?

aight now, so hows about you get kitty purring and post a few pics...


Aunt Jemimah
March 4th 06, 06:09 PM
Aunt Jemimah wrote:

> aight now, so hows about you get kitty purring and post a few pics...
> ;)
> Later

oh sorry, I've just always thought about Brandy when I see your name...

but meant to ping Margarita Salt

soo cute

Elizabeth Blake
March 4th 06, 11:25 PM
"Margarita Salt" > wrote in message
> It's hard to take pictures of Kami because she always approaches the
> camera. She won't stay put! For this picture we were out on the patio
> and it was bright and glary, so she's turned and squinting. Usually
> you can see her BRIGHT blue eyes much better.

Tiger does the same thing. She sees me pointing something at her, she's
gotta come over and investigate.

Kami is very pretty. For some reason, I always thought she was a tabby.


Aunt Jemimah
March 5th 06, 02:02 AM
Margarita Salt wrote:

> Her mom was a Lilac Lynx Point siamese. Don't know about her dad. Her
> fur is very soft and rarely mats, like a ragdoll. I have the head and
> shoulders portion of this picture on my Visa card. First National
> allows you to upload images and design your own card. Of course it had
> to be Kami! Now I can show her to everyone. :)

I know a cat like that..very plush fine hair...unbelieveably soft.

that's cool about the Visa Card, but you forgot to post the number,
name, exp, and sec code. how much is on it? you think I might could get
me some new Timberlands?

heh heh