View Full Version : Cats can be so weird.

Claude V. Lucas
March 4th 06, 07:21 PM
It's not as if it hasn't been exactly where it sits
or as if it all of a sudden started doing something
different, but this morning I was printing a few CD's
and about halfway through the run Bubba decided that
the inkjet printer was his mortal enemy, and headed
for it across the room at full stalking speed, which
was considerably faster than I thought he could ever
move the bulk. All I could do was yell out a quick "Hey"
and he stopped before he launched himself at it, but
sat down a few feet away and gave it the evil eye and
an assortment of hostile sounds that I've never heard
from him before until it finished printing. I've printed
literally hundreds of pages and discs with him in the
room before and he never has showed the slightest
interest in the printing process before today.


The closest I can come to an explanation is that
it sits close to his bird-watching window, but
that's where it always has been since before he

What a clown....