View Full Version : Cats and miscarraige etc

March 6th 06, 01:55 PM

One of my neighbors has a 15 month old small female cat who I have
been helping The owner doesnt seem too bothered about her. The
cat stays with me most days in the daytime. I take her home in the
early evening as its only about 20 metres away and she doesnt seem
too bothered to go there herself

But what I have noticed is that 3 weeks or so ago, the little lady
cat was on heat. One day she walked outside and right in front of me
a tomcat took his chance with her.
Within a day or so she stopped showing signs of being on heat
I gave the owner details of Cats Protection League. They can arrange
free spaying. But she hasnt arranged anything. The owner seems
rather complacent. I have my own cat and don't want to take her on as

But in the last 2 days she has been bleeding Wherever she sits
she lives tacky blood. In all other respects she seems fine. eats
normally, so signs of pain or discomfort

Is it a chance she had a miscarraige ?

Any advice would be appreciated