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Cowgirl Baby
March 11th 06, 03:23 AM
I have barn cats and i want to breed them. Can I get help please,

Ted Davis
March 11th 06, 04:00 PM
On Fri, 10 Mar 2006 22:23:04 -0500,
(Cowgirl Baby) wrote:

>I have barn cats and i want to breed them. Can I get help please,

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One of the definitions of barn cats can be put: a clowder of cats that
maintain their population, and increase it, by breeding among
themselves. Leave them alone and they will produce more kittens than
you know what to do with - most of them will either be driven off (to
die), die of disease, fight wounds, or accidents, or be eaten by

T.E.D. )

March 19th 06, 03:17 AM
Cowgirl Baby wrote:
> I have barn cats and i want to breed them. Can I get help please,
> thnakss
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Why do you want to breed them? Can you handle them? if so, if you must
breed them get them tested for FeLV AND FIV.If they are sick please
dont breed them.If not sick, breed them once and then get them spayed &
neutered (including kittens when they get of age) Dont forget to get
vacs for the FeLV/FIV.

Please dont fill the area with sick cats, who get other cats sick, who
get other cats sick etc.........

March 23rd 06, 07:51 PM
i dont have a clue how u would breed them

Ted Davis
March 23rd 06, 09:06 PM
On 23 Mar 2006 11:51:45 -0800, wrote:

>i dont have a clue how u would breed them

To the extent that it's attempted, it's done by culling unwanted males
and females. Of course, you still can't always avoid passing

I have a couple of barn cat culls that turned out to be good pets -
one grew up to be a gorgeous red tabby colorpoint.

T.E.D. )
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