View Full Version : Re: Caring for an 11 year old cat?

Glitter Ninja
March 18th 06, 02:11 AM
Julie > writes:

>I've recently acquired an 11 year old cat. I took him in because my
>neighbors were moving and were going to dump him at the pound. Going
>by dog years it seems like he's getting on a bit. Are there any health
>issues I should be watching for? I've got a vet appointment scheduled
>for next week just to check things out. He seems pretty mellow, likes
>to sleep a lot, and sit on my lap.

My vets have said that any cat over 7 is considered geriatric. They
recommend a twice yearly checkup, but I have to admit that only one of
my two older cats gets that. I've got a 14 year old who goes in to the
doc pretty often, but the 12 year old and the two 5 year olds go in once
a year or when they're ill.
Cats differ greatly. Indoor cats can live to be over 20. I
personally haven't seen a cat live past 15, but I'm positive it happens.
I'm hoping my 14 year old proves it!
If your new guy hasn't been to the vet in a while, the checkup is a
good idea. Your vet will know what to look for. With my oldest, I
noticed things like slowing down, lack of movement, missing the cat pan,
and crankiness when he started getting older, but he's also got a few
health problems.