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March 19th 06, 03:36 AM
Tip: Health

If your cat is hiding, pay special attention to why. Hiding can be an
excellent sign that something is wrong with your cat, or that he may
not feel good. Be sure to rule out stress from noisy visitors, or
furniture deliveries and other stressors that will cause a cat to hide.
Closets, under beds, and in dark areas are some favorite hiding areas.

Tip: Excessive licking and grooming

Your kittyīs excessive licking and grooming can have several causes:
stress, food allergies, and more. Your first step is a visit with your
vet to determine whether itīs a health or behavior problem.
Many cats are allergic to corn, a main ingedient in most dried cat
foods. If your vet suspects an allergy, change the catīs food and
watch for improvements in your catīs coat and behavior. Your vet can
suggest brands of food that will help the most.

If the licking is due to stress, try to remove the source, or simply
manage the stress. This is particularly important in multiple
cat-households. We have four, & the low man on the pecking order
stopped chewing his fur when I started feeding him without the others
present. I also give him īspecial timeī, i.e. an hour per day, when
he is with me alone and gets undivided attention.

Tip: Where do heartworms come from?

Cats contract heartworms from mosquitoes, so if you live in a typically
heavy mosquito-populated area you should get your kitty tested for

Spring is a good time for a Check up, so your vet can test your cat or
kitten for heartworms, and then give you all the necessary feline
heartworm treatments to combat parasites.
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