View Full Version : Re: Caring for an 11 year old cat?

March 19th 06, 05:45 AM
Julie wrote:
> I've recently acquired an 11 year old cat. I took him in because my
> neighbors were moving and were going to dump him at the pound. Going
> by dog years it seems like he's getting on a bit. Are there any health
> issues I should be watching for? I've got a vet appointment scheduled
> for next week just to check things out. He seems pretty mellow, likes
> to sleep a lot, and sit on my lap.

11 is starting to get up there, but isn't all that old for a cat.
Besides a physical/hands-on exam at the vet appt. - looking for any
clinical signs/symptoms, it's a good time (say, after 10 yrs. of age)
to also ask for a full panel, re: blood work. Chronic renal failure,
hyperthyroidism, diabetes, etc. are pretty common among older cats, &
the earlier they're caught, the better they can be treated. OTOH, he
may be perfectly healthy for years to come.

BTW - thanks for taking him in. Sounds like he lucked out. :-)