View Full Version : Re: Update on Caring for 11 year old cat - he's too fat!

March 21st 06, 09:22 AM
Julie wrote:
> Well, thanks to everyone for the advice. We just got back from the
> vet. Bubble needs to have his teeth cleaned and also needs to diet. He
> weighs 16+ pounds and should only weigh 12-13. The vet said I should
> cut his food back so he slims down slowly. Senior panel results will
> be back tomorrow
> He last owners fed his deli cat which strikes me as being, well, crap.
> So, I'll try him on some better quality food while he works on
> trimming his figure. I'd appreciate any advice from anyone who has
> helped their kitty get down in size.

When I got Jay Jay, he was 12 1/2 pounds. Former stray, not used to
free feeding. Also appears to be younger than estimated and not fully
grown. So, part of his growth was natural, and part of it was too much
food available. He went up to 19 lbs before coming back down to 16.4
which is about right for him. He may still be growing - not sure.

Anyway, what helped Jay Jay lose weight (and still be happy), was
switching food. I bought it because it was intended for larger breeds
(Royal Canin Maine Coon), but one of the features is larger kibbles.
And Jay Jay went from inhaling food in a flash to sitting down and
chewing it. So, for the same amount of time invested in eating, he was
consuming less food.

I would look for a brand and quality food that you are happy with that
comes in larger kibbles.

Also, with my dog, who must maintain a healthy weight ) to keep her
oversized heart from pushing harder on her windpipe), I add green beans
to her kibble. It's a way to add something low calorie and non-fat to
her meager meal. Without it, she finshes very quickly, and isn't

The main thing is to make the meals last so the feels satisfied
without eating as much.