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March 24th 06, 06:57 PM
>Subject: Tuna in the fridge
>From: "Henry, Craig" >
>Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 16:28:30 -0400
>Cc: "Vega, Lisa" >
>Dear Sheldon,
>Whether you keep it in the original can or another container is a
>matter of taste. Generally, it should not impart a different taste to
>the tuna. The safety issue is only relevant to how clean the new
>Craig W. Henry Ph.D.
>V.P. of Food Safety Programs
>National Food Processors Assn.
>1350 "I" St. NW
>Washington, DC 20005

Interesting. If I ever have a can of tuna in the fridge for that long it's
good to know it's still edible . But just like everyone else, I doubt it'll
make it that long with kitties always around in the kitchen.

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