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Phil P.
March 24th 06, 11:49 PM
"Julie" > wrote in message
> Well, thanks to everyone for the advice. We just got back from the
> vet. Bubble needs to have his teeth cleaned and also needs to diet. He
> weighs 16+ pounds and should only weigh 12-13. The vet said I should
> cut his food back so he slims down slowly. Senior panel results will
> be back tomorrow
> He last owners fed his deli cat which strikes me as being, well, crap.
> So, I'll try him on some better quality food while he works on
> trimming his figure. I'd appreciate any advice from anyone who has
> helped their kitty get down in size.

Losing 3-4 pounds shouldn't be too difficult- just make sure he loses weight
slowly and gradually- no more than 1 lb/4 wks. A good starting point is a
25% reduction in caloric intake and switching to feeding a meat-based canned
food twice a day.

Don't restrict caloric intake by more than 25% if you're feeding a
commercial diet. Remember, when calories are reduced by >25%, *all* of the
nutrients are reduced by 25% as well. He needs fewer calories; he doesn't
need less essential nutrients. Most commercial diets contain an excess of
nutrients- as a safety margin. So, a moderate caloric reduction of 25%
shouldn't exceed the safety margin of good quality foods.

About the best investment you can make in your cats' healthcare program is a
good pediatric scale. I highly recommend the Tanita 1583- or if your
finances permit, the Tanita BLB-12. Small losses (and gains) are difficult
to notice in a cat you see all day every day- especially in long-hair cats.
Not only will a scale help you monitor the efficacy of the weight loss
program and make adjustments accordingly, it will also help you keep the
faith even though your eyes may not see much progress at the beginning.
Weight loss in cats can be frustrating- a good scale will help alleviate
some of it! ;)

Be sure to discuss your cat's weight loss plan with your vet.

Good luck,