View Full Version : AAA med discount

March 27th 06, 03:25 AM
Just FYI for those who's cats are on medications. If you get your
meds at regular drug stores, and you have AAA cards, you can use the
cards for discounts on the meds. Recently I got some
Metronidazole/Flagyl at the vet's office - $16. The next week got the
same amount at Rite Aid with my AAA card - $6.15. This week I picked
up Jewel's Prozac. Normal Rite Aid price - $43.99, with AAA card -
Just wanted everyone to know because I found out last week at work
that a lot of people don't know about being able to use triple A for
drug discounts. And it doesn't matter who the drugs are for,
including your pets. Some discounts are better than others, but it is
always worth using. Go to their web site (if you are a memeber) and
see what pharmacies honor it, but most in my area do.